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We Turn
Into Brands.

How can you build your business into a brand—without hiring a pricey agency, an untried freelancer, or an entire marketing department? Our customizable strike team of expert strategists and creatives will help make your brand the one that others chase in your market space.

It’s time to call the crew when…


You realize you need marketing help but don’t know where/how to make it happen.
[ We’ve all been there. ]


You have a specific project on deck but don’t have the staff to execute.
[ Feeling the pressure? ]


You know that hiring an agency can feel scary.
[ Too expensive! ]


You’re not sure how to hire a freelancer.
[ Seems risky. ]

No Project Is Too Small For Big Questions.

Fair warning: We approach every project with strategy first because it’s the difference between throwing away your marketing dollars and creating a correctly targeted campaign that makes you top-of-mind with customers, grows your sales, creates a favorable opinion of your company…whatever your business objective may be. But a surprising number of companies are willing to jump headlong into a concept just because it looks great, and those front-end decisions have big back-end impacts. Asking the right questions now saves you money and regrets later.

Our Services


Brand identity + messaging
Brand development
Brand extension
Logo and style development

Marketing / Communications

Website design
Email marketing campaigns + content development
Social media management
Graphic design for advertising
Landing page design

Quality Assurance

When you just want expertise to lean on for a few hours (or months), our Crew can jump in and be your virtual team:
Marketing Director
Art Director
Social Media Manager

Our Toolbox Is Loaded

Branding + Creative Marketing Communications + Consulting

The CoLab Crew’s competency runs deep, and our model allows us to bring our “A game” to all the projects we work on, while keeping costs manageable.

At the helm are the CoLab Strategists who act as marketing directors, strategizing each step of the plan to get the result you want.

When it’s time, freelance Crew members (from brand architects to copywriters, digital marketers to social media managers) are brought in to execute and make the magic happen.


Let's Collaborate And...

1. Define the problem(s) you solve for others.

2. Align your solution with shared values.

3. Make your project wildly successful.

April and Erin curated our brand, protected it (even from us) and raised it like a child. We began to get many, many articles written about us in national, regional, and local media.

BARNEY ALDRIDGEDeveloper and Owner, The Barlow

One meeting with April was enough for me to see her strength of leadership and knowledge at play...We had complete confidence that she had always done her homework to arm us with what we needed to ensure success. I would definitely join April again given the chance.

MANNIE RABARAArt Director, Sonic

April is able to deliver marketing intelligence across hundreds of products, services, and industries. I had the pleasure of working for April at Sonic, and I was inspired every day by her knowledge of marketing, problem solving creativity, and an unbounded contagious positive energy. With every task and hurdle that she was presented, April delivered above and beyond. I humbly and enthusiastically recommend April!

CONOR BOYLESenior Studio Production Manager at DocuSign